The Most Sought Teeth Whitening Methods in Redwood City

5 Best Teeth Whitening Method in Redwood City

Some people are very lucky to have inherited a great set of teeth. They are perfectly arranged and are shiny. But, some of us are not that lucky. Should they go with their yellowed and discolored teeth for the rest of their life? Not really. For such people, it is quite effortless to find a good dentist near you in Redwood City. Dr. Thuan-Vu Ho is a renowned dentist at Prima Dental who offers teeth whitening services in Redwood City. Seek an appointment and get teeth whitening treatments performed professionally.

What Are the Leading Causes Behind Discolored Teeth?

The main reason why teeth get discolored is due to the excessive use of certain foods and drinks. Most people consume a lot of tea or coffee throughout the day. Although these beverages can uplift one's mood, they can also cause the teeth to become stained and lose their original white color and shine. Excessive smoking can also result in the discoloration of teeth in some people.

What Are the Different Teeth Whitening in Redwood City?

The stained or discolored teeth can look unattractive and can cause people to lose self-confidence in social settings. It is, therefore, necessary to make their teeth white again by removing the discoloration. Many methods have been used across the world to achieve this effect.

Some Methods of Teeth Whitening in Redwood City Are:

  1. Whitening toothpaste.
  2. Whitening rinses.
  3. Whitening gels and strips.
  4. Tray-based whiteners.
  5. Laser whitening treatments, etc.

How Can Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment Help the Teeth Become White Again?

The laser teeth whitening method is a full treatment that can whiten the teeth in just about an hour. The dental experts must ensure that your soft tissues or gums are protected during the treatment. After thoroughly cleaning the teeth, whitening gel is applied on teeth. They are then exposed to lasers to remove the discoloration and this makes them sparkling white.

Merits of Teeth Whitening in Redwood City:

  1. The teeth whitening treatment uses sophisticated laser technology to make stained teeth regain their original color and shine.
  2. It is rated highly when it comes to the safety aspects of the procedure.
  3. It is entirely painless, and the patient under treatment does not feel any pain before or after the procedure.
  4. If a patient has experienced sensitivity for a certain gel, it can be replaced by a more suitable one.
  5. The teeth become 12 shades whiter after using the whitening method just once.


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