Five Most Common Reasons to Visit the Dentist

Trying to dodge visiting a dentist every time? To make your decision about visiting a dentist regularly, you need to find the right professional with the best ambience to make the entire experience conducive for you. Visiting a dentist near you becomes imperative when over-the-counter medications don’t work. In our previous blog, we have explained how safe are dental implants for kids with pediatric dentistry in Redwood City? However, here you go with a list of the most common causes that only a leading dentist can treat and no in-home treatments can fix.

5 Reasons to Visit a Dentist in Redwood City:

  1. Tooth Sensitivity:

    Tooth sensitivity is a common issue that occurs among individuals spanning all ages. This occurs especially during cold seasons. More so, you can endure sensitivity while biting or chewing sugary and juicy food items pastries and candies, extreme chilling food like ice-cream or ice and piping hot beverages. Apart from food, you can also suffer from tooth sensitivity while inhaling cold air and when the enamel protecting your teeth starts eroding. This exposes the dentin and makes your tooth and roots vulnerable as the gums and enamels grow thinner.

    This is an important condition which only a dentist can fix with specialized toothpastes and fluoride.

  2. Helps You Savor Food:

    It’s very annoying and painful when your tooth or gum hurts and you are not able to savor your favorite dishes. After you have tried all home remedies, it's the dentist who comes to your rescue. General tooth pain deters you from enjoying your drinks, cookies and chocolates. Visiting a dentist can ensure that you enjoy your food.

    Adding to the above, gapped and chipped teeth can only be fixed by dentists with braces in Redwood City. Once done, you can relish your dishes comfortably.

  3. Wisdom Tooth:

    Well, many of us get wise with wisdom teeth at some point of life. Well, that was on a lighter note. Wisdom teeth often hurt and are overlooked at the initial stage. When it tries to penetrate through the gum line, the pain gets excruciating. If it tears apart your gum line to make its way, you need to visit a dentist instead of numbing the pain with painkillers. You might need a tooth extraction.

  4. Bad Breath:

    An often-overlooked issue, bad breath needs medical intervention. It can be the most embarrassing situation where you might try to obscure it with mouth-fresheners and pepper-mints. You need to check your halitosis with your endodontist in Redwood City.

  5. Tooth Decay and Gum Diseases:

    Using over the counter medication can't fix gum diseases and decayed teeth. Decay, tartar, plaque, and gum diseases need dentist supervision. If left untreated, the pain gets wobbling.


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