5 Indications Conveying That You May Require Braces

We hear a lot about dental troubles for which braces are required as a solution. Since the evolution of the dental industry, braces have been in existence. Right from kids to adults, a lot of people have used dental braces to fix a number of dental issues. Dental braces are, no doubt, still a common orthodontic treatment. Now, be it traditional braces, ceramic ones or clear aligners, you use braces for a few purposes. They are namely crowded and gapped teeth, crooked and chipped teeth, to correct the issues of over biting and under biting. An experienced dentist near you can guide you towards it. In our previous blog, we have explained how braces treatment in Redwood City works to straighten your teeth. However, how would you even know if you need braces in the first place?

5 Methods to Understand Your Requirement For Braces in Redwood City:

  1. Bite Issues:

    If you have most frequent issues in taking a big bite on sandwiches, pizzas, rolls, tacos or fruits, then your teeth are not fitting together. If you have trouble ripping off such food items, then visit a dentist in Redwood City for the right treatment. You most probably need braces to correct your teeth alignment.

  2. Repeatedly Getting Food Items Stuck in Between Your Teeth:

    This is one of the most common problems associated with those who have gapped teeth. Crowded and crooked teeth are more prone to bacteria and plaque deposits. These cause gum infection and root decay. Now, if bread, meat, seeds and other eatables get stuck between your gapped teeth very often, it's time to straighten your teeth. Braces will be a lot helpful in this situation.

  3. Embarrassment to Smile:

    With crooked and chipped teeth, your self esteem might go down. You might feel repulsive to smile in public. This is the most appropriate time when you should get your teeth fixed. Visit a reputed orthodontist near you and get braces in Redwood City.

  4. Chewing Fibrous Food Turns Nightmarish:

    Do you always have problems while chewing meaty loaves? This certainly means that you have dental alignment issues. Your teeth need to be aligned using either metallic braces or Invisalign.

  5. Jaw Clicking:

    Do you have a jaw popping or clicking sound when you talk, chew or smile? This might be the reason for your TMJ disorder. It can lead to uneven bites as well. This will certainly create jaw stress in the long run. So, this also indicates that you need to visit a dentist near you in Redwood City for braces.

Who Is the Finest Dentist Near You in Redwood City?

If you are planning to affix braces, consider Dr. Tuan Vu Ho at Prima Dental for consultation. For the best family dentistry in Redwood City, visit Dr. Thuan-Vu Ho at Prima Dental. The expert dental professionals at Prima Dental can help you identify and fix different issues including braces and Invisalign. Browse through our website Prima Dental for more information. Call us at 650-365-1400 to have a conversation right away.

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