How To Deal With Pain After Undergoing Root Canal Treatment?

With advanced dental technologies and techniques, many dental treatments have become more comfortable and pain-free. Root canal treatment is one which may make a patient slightly uncomfortable. It is imperative to get this treatment done by one of the best and expert endodontists. Talk to the dentist and know how to handle pain and discomfort after root canal treatment. In our previous blog, we have explained the 7 steps involved in root canal treatment in Redwood City. Read on to discover relevant information on dealing with pain post your root canal treatment below.

5 Steps to Handle Pain and Discomfort After Root Canal Treatment in Redwood City:

RCT or root canal treatment may prove slightly painful. But the problem can be managed by following a few simple tips.

  1. Antibiotics:

    Patients are advised by an endodontist Redwood City to take antibiotics as prescribed after root canals in Redwood City. The process may be slightly uncomfortable and painful for some patients. Taking antibiotics as prescribed helps in a faster root canal recovery process. In certain cases, the treatment may lead to minor infection, which gets treated by taking antibiotics.

  2. Handle Ghost Pain:

    Often, patients experience a sense of pain as the nerves in the tooth root are amputated from the main nerve, carrying sensations along the pathway. This ghost pain reduces and vanishes as the tooth settles down after the treatment. Some people may experience more pain or a sense of pain than usual. They must wait for the affected tooth to settle down.

  3. Anti-Inflammatory Medication:

    Another step that RCT patients must follow is to take anti-inflammatory medication under their doctors' supervision. Taking this medication helps in reducing inflamed periodontal fibers. It helps in the quick healing of the tooth. The dentist in Redwood City usually prescribes ibuprofen. It acts fast and brings immense relief to the patient. The patient may have to take a stronger dose to find relief in certain cases.

  4. Placing a Crown:

    Finally, the patients are often advised to go for a crown made up of root-canal-treated teeth. It helps in keeping it functional, intact, and well-maintained. Moreover, the chances of tooth developing pain due to fracture also reduce significantly.

  5. Soft Food Intake:

    Another step is that patients are advised by their endodontist in Redwood City to consume softer food for a certain time immediately after the root canal treatment. Since teeth are smarting after RCT, chewing on harder foods may aggravate the problem. They must avoid eating such food for some days and give the affected tooth and the surrounding area enough time to heal.


When going for root canal treatment, search for the best root canals in Redwood City, and you will get a lot of options. You can also seek recommendations from a family dentistry in Redwood City. Dr Thuan Vu-Ho is a renowned dental practitioner at Prima Dental. Consult him at Prima Dental for directions. Browse through our website of Prima Dental to learn more about our services. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Thuan Vu-Ho by dialing us at 650-365-1400 right away.

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