Five Essential Pointers to Reckon Before Opting for Braces

Crooked teeth bring down the self-confidence of people. Therefore, braces are an ideal option to get straight and perfect teeth. If you choose braces treatment to align your teeth, it is important to know the facts about the treatment. In our previous blog, we have explained how long it will take to straighten teeth with dental braces in Redwood City. Read on to discover essential facts about braces from below.

5 Things to Know About Braces in Redwood City:

Here are a few things that potential patients must know about braces treatment.

  1. The Temporary Unclear Speech:

    After getting braces, you may have unclear speech, or you might not be able to pronounce certain words. That is temporary and happens. It gets alright once you get used to braces. Do not get upset over this, as this is one step forward towards getting the perfect teeth. If you live in Redwood City, searching for 'braces Redwood City' online will narrow down your options to the best practitioners.

  2. Change in Appearance:

    Braces will bring about a significant change in not only the appearance of your lips but also your overall appearance. You will get used to braces after some times when you overcome the initial discomforts. Your teeth will start changing their alignment in the first month itself.

  3. Experiencing Pain:

    When you wear braces, slight pain may occur first. It is a time-consuming treatment. So stay calm, patient, and ready to enjoy amazing results. Do not panic if you start feeling uncomfortable. Communicate with your dentist who will help you relax. If you want braces for your kids, then visiting pediatric dentistry in Redwood City will prove to be a wise decision. They are adept at handling children. They will feel secure when the treatment commences. Therefore, one doesn’t need to fret about their infants. If you are looking for reliable dentists, then visiting Dr. Thuan-Vo Ho at Prima Dental will prove to be an excellent decision.

  4. Long-Term Impact

    Braces treatment is short-term. But the smile it will give you will stay permanently. Therefore, it needs to be attractive. Thus, do not hesitate to get braces for your misaligned teeth.

  5. Food Will Get Stuck Sometimes:

    After you get braces, there might be some instances when the food will get stuck in them. Therefore, never forget to carry your toothbrush and the braces care kit when you travel. If you want your child to get braces, take him to well-reputed family dentistry as they too deal with kids. Searching for 'family dentistry Redwood City' will give you authentic results. Visiting prima dental can prove to be a life-changing decision for your child.


Searching online for dentist Redwood City will display the name of Dr. Thuan Vu-Ho at Prima Dental among the top results. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Thuan Vu-Ho at Prima Dental to affix braces or to avail family dentistry services or pediatric dentistry services and more. Browse through the website of Prima Dental to discover more about their services. Dial us at 650-365-1400 to have a conversation right away.

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