Five Indispensable Tips Regarding the Maintenance of Braces

Individuals with crooked or uneven teeth often go ahead with braces as an effective way to get back their beautiful straight smiles. But it won’t have a great effect if you don’t take proper care of your teeth and braces. You have to wear braces for a significant period, depending on your dental condition, and leaving it unattended can cause more harm than good. In our previous blog we have explained about the ideal age for kids to get braces in Redwood City. However, if you want to get the most from your treatment of braces, consider the following caring tips for best results.

5 Tips For Effective Maintenance of Braces in Redwood City:

  1. Wash Your Teeth & Braces Twice a Day:

    If you don't want your braces to become weak over time, make it a routine to clean your teeth and braces twice a day. If you wish to exercise extra caution, you can brush after having a meal, so no food particle remains attached to your braces.

  2. Get a Water-Powered Flossing Machine:

    You should get an orthodontic flossing tool as the machine’s high water pressure can reach in between your teeth to remove accumulated food elements. A flossing tool helps remove food particles that your regular toothbrush fails even to reach.

  3. Follow All The Prescribed Instructions Religiously:

    Besides the general caring tips, your family dentistry in Redwood City will prescribe you personalized suggestions based on your dental health condition. If you want your braces to do their job, be sure to religiously follow whatever is prescribed to you.

  4. Never Miss Your Dental Appointments:

    After securely placing the braces, your dentist in Redwood City will give you the next checkup date. It is primarily a series of appointments spread throughout the duration till your braces are fully removed. During these appointments, the dentist takes a closer look and evaluates whether the braces are in the right shape and position or need to get fixed.

  5. Adjust Your Diet:

    People with braces in Redwood City have to make subtle changes to their diet. If you have recently got braces, avoid crunchy, chewy, or too much sugary food, like- candies, popcorn, caramel, chewing gum, etc. These food items can easily get stuck to the wire metal, and cleaning them will require extra effort.


Following all the above-discussed essential caring tips will ensure you never face any problem with your braces. If you’re planning to get metal braces in Redwood City or your previous dentist didn't do justice to this work, you can reach out to Dr. Thuan-Vu Ho at Prima Dental. The motto of the clinic is: "Your smile comes first!" Explore our website of Prima Dental to gather more details. For more information call us at 650-365-1400 and schedule an appointment today.

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