Five Essential Pointers Regarding the Care of Your Braces

Everyone wearing braces has to maintain good oral hygiene. Bad breath, discolored teeth, inflamed gums, and cavities can all be caused by food and plaque trapped in or around your braces. It is a little difficult to maintain oral hygiene by yourself. The advantages of a proper bite and straight teeth. In our previous blog, we have explained about can you affix root canal if you already have braces in Redwood City? However, it can be gotten if you consult a dental specialist and opt for devices like braces.

5 Tips to Take Good Care of Braces in Redwood City:

  1. Foster the Habit of Flossing:

    Flossing with braces can be unpleasant and time-consuming initially. It still must be a priority. Cleaning between teeth could be easier if you use a floss threader. Make sure to floss along your gum line with care. Using waxed floss is also an excellent option. Your braces are less likely to rip it up.

  2. Brushing Twice a Day Is a Must:

    Brush the teeth post every meal or even a snack break. Carry a separate travel toothbrush. Use toothbrushes that are disposable. Brushing for two minutes is a must. Try to brush under the wires and clean properly. Cleaning your tongue is also very important.

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  3. Make Sure to Follow a Healthy Diet:

    Sugar consumption should be reduced to lower the risk of cavities. This is critical because braces make cleaning your teeth more difficult. Plaque that forms around your braces may also stain your teeth. Avoid snacking as much as possible. If you must snack in between meals, eat items that are beneficial for your body and teeth, such as yogurt, fruits, and vegetables.

  4. Dental Routines Are a Must Do:

    Keep your overall oral health good by regularly visiting your dentist in Redwood City for checkups. They will make sure your oral health is good and give you suggestions. Have your mouth inspected by your general dentist every six months, and maintain your teeth spotless.

  5. Stop Eating Food That Can Cause Issues:

    Foods that are sticky, chewy, or excessively hard can damage your braces. Hard candies and popcorn along with hard rolls should not be consumed. You should also avoid chewy candies such as caramel. Braces can break or bend if gums are chewed and if ice is crunched. Instead of biting into an apple, chop it up into bite-size pieces and cook them.


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