Seven Indications Conveying That You Must Consult a Family Dentist Immediately

It's high time people realized the importance of dentistry. Oral health cannot be neglected. It cannot wait until oral problems creep in. Nobody thinks twice about going for regular health check-ups related to other systems in the body. The same has to be followed for dental check ups too. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 benefits of choosing family dentistry in Redwood City. However, let us try to understand the warning signs which convey that we need the help of a family dentist.

7 Signs to Visit Family Dentistry in Redwood City:

  1. Bad Odor:

    If your mouth smells all the time, then it is a warning sign. It can be symptoms of poor oral hygiene, due to tobacco consumption, gum disease, and xerostomia (a.k.a Dry Mouth). Solve these issues by consulting a family dentist.

  2. Aching Teeth and Gums:

    If you or your family members are struggling with a throbbing tooth or painful gums, then it's time you visited your family dentist. Get in touch with your chosen dental clinic that offers family dentistry in Redwood City.

  3. Mouth Sores:

    Sores in the mouth are a clear indication that you need dental help as soon as possible. It can make eating and drinking a nightmare. Also, one worrying factor is that it could be an early sign of oral cancer.

  4. Bleeding Gums:

    If you suddenly notice blood whilst brushing or flossing, it could be due to the first stage of Gingivitis, a gum disease. The bad bacteria stores up around the gums and eats up the healthy tissues and makes them bleed. If this is not removed by your dentist in Redwood City it will lead to Periodontitis which is even more complicated.

  5. Pigmentation:

    If you start noticing brown spots or white spots on your teeth then you are heading towards tooth decay. Make an appointment with your family dentist immediately.

  6. Chipped Tooth or a Damaged Tooth:

    If your kids have chipped their teeth during a silly fight with friends or had an accident whilst playing, you need immediate help. Or else, it can lead to bigger damages and even more pain. Consult your pediatric dentistry in Redwood City immediately. Or consider a family dentist right away.

  7. Loose/Wiggly Teeth:

    Loose teeth or wiggly teeth is surely an issue. It can completely break free from bone and gum. This can be a warning sign of a hidden disease.

    Along these lines, it is best to start taking your child to a family dentist or a pediatric dentistry as soon as he/she gets his/her first tooth. A family dentist can treat all the members in the family. Hence it saves you time, money and energy.


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