Can I Wear Braces After Undergoing a Root Canal Procedure?

Can I Wear Braces After Root Canal Procedure?

You have to find the best dentist near you as a first step. This is to learn about both root canal and braces thoroughly from an expert. Then, based on the inputs of the dental specialist, do the right thing. Read on to discover about root canal and braces from below. Root canal therapy is simply a specialized filing procedure that requires a bit more time and effort than your average filling. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 reasons you need to consult an endodontist in Redwood City. Read along to know how braces can be used after root canals.

What Are Root Canals?

The damaged nerve of a tooth is removed first. Then the region is cleaned and disinfected. A substance with the consistency of rubber is affixed in its place. This is done because the damaged nerve has infected or inflamed the surrounding tissue (thus the pain) and the pulp inside the tooth. This must be taken out to arrest the infection from growing further and to save the tooth. For this, you can avail the family dentistry in Redwood City services.

Avoiding Extraction Through Root Canal:

Although complete extraction is an option, saving the tooth wherever possible is preferable. Avoiding extraction and subsequent costs associated with bridging or dental implant means you can keep your natural tooth as well as the bone around it. Not replacing a missing tooth might cause the surrounding teeth to shift, affecting the smile's aesthetics and functionality. Since root canal treatment is so commonplace and safe, there's no reason to abstain from the procedure.

How Does a Root Canal Procedure Work?

You won't feel any pain as the area around the tooth is numbed to prevent discomfort. The contaminated pulp (tissue) & canals can be removed and disinfected when a small hole is drilled into the tooth's crown. The two cavities are then filled and sealed using a dental filling substance. A filling can be permanent or non-permanent. This hinges on the severity of the cavity. In most cases, a root canal is no more painful than getting a filling, and you may experience some sensitivity in your tooth for several days afterwards.

How Do Braces Work Despite Your Undergoing Root Canal?

You can still have a root canal even if you wear braces in Redwood City. The teeth to be relocated are contoured around the brackets and wires. This is done so that the orthodontic procedures are not impeded (the region where root canal is performed).

Additionally, the endodontist in Redwood City may remove your braces before a root canal if the brackets are removable. In addition, teeth which have recently undergone root canal therapy or have had crowns placed can also have braces placed on them. However, your orthodontist may opt to modify the braces' shape to cause tooth movement to occur more gently.

Who Is the Best Dentist Near You in Redwood City?

You can get root canals in Redwood City prior to, after, or even while wearing braces, with no cause for concern. If you need braces in Redwood City, contact Dr Thuan-Vu Ho, at Prima Dental. Dr. Thuan Vu Ho is the finest dentist. Browse through our website of Prima Dental to gather more information about our services. Call us at 650-365-1400 to arrange for an appointment right away.

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