What Is the Difference Between an Endodontist and a Dentist?

Difference Between Dentist and Endodontist

When the question regarding your dental care shows up, you might wonder whether you require the service of a dentist or the expertise of an endodontist. Before making that selection, it is critical to understand the distinction between an endodontist and a dentist. You may be wondering whether it makes a difference whether you consult an endodontist or perhaps visit a dentist whenever you require oral health care. But this decisive decision can make all the difference. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 reasons to see an endodontist in Redwood City. Read on to discover the difference between them below.

What Is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist who has received further training and study than general practitioners. Endodontist in Redwood City with expertise in dealing with and resolving soft tissue, dental pulp, and tooth nerves. Such doctors will also have post-doctoral degrees and will be able to assist with a variety of dental issues, such as:

3 Dental Treatments By Our Endodontist in Redwood City:

  1. Severe Oral Injuries:

    If oral injuries which are severe in nature hits the tooth, they may necessitate operations that endodontists can manage better.

  2. Root Canals:

    This procedure is required if the tissues or pulp inside the tooth becomes infected or irritated. This can happen if bacteria get through the tooth prior cementing it, or if the tooth has a fracture or chip. Finally, if deterioration has reached the nerve, you may require a root canal in Redwood City.

  3. Root Canal Retreatment:

    A root canal seldom requires retreatment. But if it did not heal properly or because of persistent discomfort, root canal retreatment becomes necessary. Quite often the discomfort or condition appears many years after the first operation.

What Does a Dentist in Redwood City Do?

Dentists are the primary care providers for your teeth. You can consult your dentist and solve your doubts regarding dental health maintenance anytime. Dentists in Redwood City will diagnose any issues you may be experiencing, like cavities, gum disease, any need for crowns, root canals, and so forth. A dentist can treat cavities and make crowns, bridges, or implants for clients based on the requirements. In addition, few dentists might carry out fillings.

Difference Between Dentist and an Endodontist in Redwood City:

The primary distinction between an endodontist and a dentist is the additional learning which an endodontist has in order to master a speciality. Dentists can potentially perform everything an endodontist can, but endodontists carry out the complex tasks. In addition, when a patient requires a root canal, most dentists send them to an endodontist. It is ideal to choose a dental practice that offers all the treatments and has on its payroll all the experts as staff, such as endodontist, dentist, and dental hygienist.

Who Is the Best Dentist Near Me in Redwood City?

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