Family Dentists and Their 7 Benefits

Family Dentistry and Their 7 Benefits | Redwood City, CA

Dental routines are a must-to-follow once in six months. Every member in the family from a toddler to the senior-most needs regular dental check-ups. It could get a little tedious if your general dentist sends you and some of your family members to different dental specialists depending on the treatment on different days. If you want to take care of all your family’s dental needs under one roof, you can get a reliable family dentist.

Benefits of Having a Family Dentist:

The family dentistry in Redwood City offers excellent dental services under one roof. Apart from the benefits of time and energy saving, some other benefits are provided below:

Treat All Ages:

Family dentists help deal with all oral hygiene and teeth issues. They are well-trained to focus on specific needs of kids, teens, middle-aged people, and the old. They do not limit themselves to providing a particular kind of dental service.

Services Provided:

They are specialized to perform complex dental surgeries to simple dental check-ups. They provide important services ranging from cavity treatment, regular dental cleanings, root canal treatment, invisalign, tooth removals, preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, wisdom tooth extractions and treatment of gum disease.

Child Centric Approach:

Kids usually require different dental care when compared to an older family member. Family dentists have a very gentle approach with every member. This is true especially with the children. Our pediatric dentistry in Redwood City provides proper care from baby teeth to permanent teeth and also ensures lifelong oral care.

Appointments Made Easy:

One of the best benefits you can get with a family dentist is to enjoy convenient appointments and services. Help is just a call away during emergency situations. You can arrange for re appointments or missed appointments easily.

Reduce Phobias:

You can get your teeth cleaned while your kids can get their regular check-ups at the same time. This will lessen their anxiety and fear as they are aware that their parents are in the next room.

Oral Care Awareness:

Family dentists provide oral care awareness. They provide oral care products and diet advice. They also give you regular oral care updates and help in identifying early signs of mouth, jaws, and teeth issues.

Family's Dental History:

A family dentist will have a strong lifelong connection with every member in your family. They will maintain family dental histories of their patients, provide preventive and comprehensive measures, and can also provide customized treatment plans.

Take away:

All these benefits of having a family dentist will help keep the family’s dental care in good shape. Go ahead for an appointment with Dr. Thuan-Vu Ho, one of the best dentists in Redwood City.

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