A Guide to Find the Best Orthodontist in Redwood City

Do you want to find an Orthodontist in Redwood City? Can you differentiate between a dentist and an orthodontist clearly? Wondering who is an Orthodontist? Both orthodontist and dentist deal with oral care. But there are differences between them. Dentists solve common dental issues and hence are general practitioners.

Who Is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist undergoes additional years of training to focus exclusively on tooth and jaw. Hence, an orthodontist is a dental specialist. He can help you diagnose and treat tooth crowding, jaw malocclusion, palate expansion, etc. An orthodontist is also a specialist to deal with misalignment of teeth and braces application.

The Need for an Orthodontist:

You really need an orthodontist when you have more specific dental problems like: -

  • Tooth Crowding.
  • Over or Underbites.
  • Jaw malocclusion.
  • Misaligned Teeth.

As Kids and Adults:

However, if you have kids, you should take them to an orthodontist before they turn seven. It's because the orthodontist can diagnose most problems while the teeth are in the initial stage of growth. And if you're an adult, visit an orthodontist incase of misalignment of any sort.

Steps to Find an Orthodontist in Redwood City:

Orthodontist in Redwood City are affordable and available readily. Here are some common pointers you should consider before making a choice: -

Search Results:

Run a search with the words: "Orthodontist Near Me" and check the result. Go through the positive reviews and good ratings of past patients. You can narrow your search to a handful of Orthodontists in Redwood City based on the above criteria.

Testimonials and Websites:

Patients testimonials on reputed orthodontic clinics can be checked to decipher the expertise of the orthodontist and the professionalism of the staff. Satisfaction of the patient can be a yardstick for choosing the best orthodontist.

Experienced Professional:

Always look for someone who's experienced enough to deal with your issues. Make sure whether he has all the qualifications and is legally allowed by the state to perform certain complex alignment procedures.

COVID-19 Precautions:

In the times of this pandemic, you need to ensure your safety. So, check whether your orthodontist follows all the safety precautions mandated by ADA.

Cost of Service:

Before visiting an orthodontist, make sure to check for the prices. Check whether your orthodontist provides you the options for flexible payments.


Your regular dental insurance may not cover all the services an orthodontist provides. So, check with your insurance provider too.

Take Away!

There's a simple takeaway: For tooth & jaw alignment issues, you need to visit an orthodontist. You can always look for the above pointers for finding the Best Orthodontist in Redwood City.

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