How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take? | Redwood City, CA

The most common question many patients ask is How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take? Well, it's hard to give an exact date because every person's teeth are different. From gaps to overbites, many factors can affect the duration of Orthodontic treatment. However, our Dentist in Redwood City can give patients a guide to the necessary treatment time before the braces go. Before diving into the orthodontic treatment time, let us first consider what orthodontic treatment is all about.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontics is a dental treatment that corrects the misposition of teeth and jaws. It's a way of straightening teeth to improve the appearance of your smile and makes your teeth to last for a lifetime.

What's The Orthodontic Treatment Time?

The short answer, it depends. The treatment time can vary significantly from one patient to another. Most often the time needed is determined by the complexity of the treatment, age, and individual need. If a few teeth need slight straightening, then the patient treatment can be finished within 6-12 months. A complicated case with multiple issues can take approx two years. For a majority of cases, Orthodontic Treatment in Redwood City can take around 12-18 months.

How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?

During the Orthodontic treatment, our Dentist in Redwood City Dr. Ho will do a thorough oral and facial examination to access the overall oral health and unique orthodontic needs. Based on this evaluation, a CBCT scan, facial photograph, and digital impression are taken to evaluate the condition of your oral health and show the example of braces that are involved in your course of treatment.

After the evaluation is done, steady pressure is applied to the teeth to move them into their correct position. Our Dentist in Redwood City focuses on straightening the teeth into an aesthetically pleasing smile and aligning the jaw bite for optimal chewing, swallowing, and speaking.

Factors to Consider For an Orthodontic Treatment:

  1. Type of Treatment: Due to advances in technology, patients requiring orthodontic treatment now have several options. There are metal braces that are made from stainless steel, making the dental work strong and robust. Ceramic braces and clear aligners, on the other hand, look more pleasing than metal braces.
  2. Age: Age matters in orthodontic treatment as young patients (teens and children) tend to get the result faster than adults because their jaws are still growing, making the teeth easier to manipulate.
  3. The severity of the case: Another important factor to consider is the severity of the orthodontic issue. A mild spacing or crowding can be fixed in a year, while severe cases could take much longer.

Is It Possible to Reduce the Amount of Time in Wearing Braces?

Yes. Here at Prima Dental, we're happy to offer the latest technology such as propel to our patients. It helps to move teeth faster into the desired position resulting in significantly reduced treatment time.

To determine how long you'll need Orthodontic treatment is to make a consult with our Dentist in Redwood City. We will take pictures and x-rays of your mouth and create a custom treatment plan. For more information about Orthodontic Treatment in Redwood City call us at (650) 365-1400 and place an appointment today.

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