Dental Braces and Teeth Straightening: How Long Will It Take?

Orthodontics revises misalignments of teeth through dental braces. Though many of them feel trouble as the orthodontic procedures are very time-consuming. As each person's needs are unique, treatment and its time span may vary accordingly.

Dental braces as well as orthodontic procedures are gradually gaining popularity among adults. These treatments offer flexible solutions to straighten the teeth without consuming time. In our previous blog, we have explained 8 indicators that your kid requires braces in Redwood City. However, braces helps the patients achieve their dream of having a perfect smile in an effective manner.

How Braces in Redwood City Really Function?

Braces are usually made of metal, wire, or ceramic. They are used to treat misaligned teeth as mentioned above. Braces usually function by effectively using the jaw anatomy. Teeth stay attached to the jaw bone with a periodontal ligament that is made of collagen. This periodontal ligament works as a shock absorber between bones and the jaw. This ligament allows natural teeth movements as well. Braces in Redwood City effectively function by squeezing one ligament side and stretching another.

Anomalies Fixed by Braces:

Braces can straighten crooked or misaligned teeth structures. Also, it can correct a cross bite, under and overbites, and other dental flaws. Depending on the age and condition of the patient the success rates of braces vary.

Need to Maintain Hygiene:

Wearing Braces can cause tooth decay and gum inflammation if proper hygiene is not maintained. Our family dentistry in Redwood City says, inappropriate orthodontic treatment can result in wrong teeth positioning. That can often cause severe bone and gum conditions, or cross bites.

Is It Possible To Straighten Teeth With Braces at Any Age?

The appropriate age for braces starts from between 10-14 years. Despite this fact anyone can obtain the procedure at any age. Young children must obtain their permanent teeth before proceeding further with this orthodontic treatment.

Length of Time Required for Braces Treatment:

As per the age and condition, the length of the treatment varies by usually it can take one to three years. With proper orthodontic treatment teeth, alignment can become effective.

Braces in Redwood City impact the outer appearance as well as the all round health of a person. It can help to improve gum and oral hygiene. Improved facial appearance promotes good gut health. Proper orthodontic treatment and oral hygiene will protect you from further discomfort. Before starting the orthodontic process it is essential to consult an experienced orthodontist.


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