How Old Do You Have To Be for Teeth Whitening?

Among all the different dental treatments and techniques, teeth whitening in Redwood City are one of the most popular treatments. It makes the teeth's shiny white. It acts as a smile enhancer and who wouldn't want one. In our previous blog, we have explained about how to undergo teeth whitening in Redwood City with braces?

In today's day and age, the innovations in technology have made these treatments a new trend. Teeth whitening treatments are more inexpensive today. However, that doesn't mean anybody, no matter what age can undergo it. There are a certain age criteria for teeth whitening.

Age Criteria for Teeth Whitening in Redwood City:

A child gets permanent teeth between the ages of 12-13. The enamel calcification takes two more years after the last permanent tooth erupts. So, teeth whitening in this age are not advised. With this calculation in mind some dentists in Redwood City claim that young teeth, for example, between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, will whiten very well and quickly and some confirm that age 16 is the right age.

Having said that, it does not mean that a teen should get his/her teeth whitened on their 16th birthday. Getting your teeth whitened very early will have some side effects such as hindering the growth of the teeth.

It is always better to have a pediatric dentistry in Redwood City confirm whether your children are ready for teeth whitening treatment. Redwood City is an excellent destination for pediatric dentistry.

Get a Dentist To Do Your Teeth Whitening in Redwood City:

Dentists normally recommend in-office teeth whitening treatments as it is an ideal choice for teenagers. Only a Redwood City dentist can get you safe and quick results with no errors.

Dangers Related to Teeth Whitening Before the Appropriate Age:

Teeth whitening treatments employ products carrying bleaching agents. These chemicals are abrasive, having high possibilities of inflicting enamel wear off with time. Thus, getting your teeth whitened at an early age will leave you with sensitivity and makes the teeth vulnerable to decay.

Teeth Whitening in Redwood City for older adults:

For most adults, teeth can become stained due to many reasons. As we grow older, these stains will accumulate which will cause the teeth to turn yellow. So, adults normally choose to get it done sooner. There are many ways to treat discolored teeth. However, it is always better to have a Redwood City dentist like Dr. Thuan-Vu Ho advice you. Get in-office treatment rather than relying on over the counter methods.

Visit Our Dentist for Teeth Whitening in Redwood City:

After consulting the dentist, make an intelligent choice. Perform teeth whitening in Redwood City when the right age arrives for your kids. The most recommended dentist and clinic in Redwood City, CA is Dr. Thuan-Vu Ho at Prima Dental. Have a conversation with the representatives to discover more! For more information call us at (650) 365-1400 and schedule an appointment today.

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