Are Dental Implants Possible After a Root Canal?

Is Dental Implants Possible After Root Canal? | Redwood City

Root canal treatment is a category of endodontic process that should be performed only by those with great knowledge about the anatomy of the tooth. The procedure involves the removal of blood vessels, nerves, and collective hard tissue. In our previous blog, we have explained why choose an endodontist for root canal treatment in Redwood City? However, the endodontist carefully performs the procedure. When the pulp and the soft tissues underneath get inflamed due to various causes, you require a root canal treatment. If ignored it can lead to a potential abscess or severe pain.

For both root canals treatment and dental implants the success rate is high. But cosmetic dental implants do require more follow-up checkups and maintenance. Usually, dental implants in Redwood City replace the root of the teeth, and root canal procedures are developed in order to save decayed or severely infected teeth. In rare cases, both the treatments can be considered uncertain if the teeth have shifted after the dental implants or root canal.

4 Signs of Root Canals Treatment in Redwood City:

  1. Severe pain in the affected area or gum after the end of the procedure.
  2. Mild or massive swelling of mouth and the face surrounding the treated area.
  3. Discharge of bloody puss-filled liquid from the surrounding area of the gum and treated tooth.
  4. In case if you have a red bump, it can be an abscess.

5 Potential Causes of Root Canals Failure:

  1. Narrow and curved root canals can lead to a complicated and incomplete cleaning that will lead to a failed root canal treatment.
  2. Complicated tooth channels often need additional care as they can still cause complications during the procedure.
  3. Delays after root canal restoration to rectify any failures will lead to severe infection as saliva and bacteria will sip inside the infected area.
  4. In case of a damaged crown or improper filling, the efficiency of the treatment can also get delayed and cause severe infection.
  5. If a cracked tooth gets unnoticed by the endodontist in Redwood City during the procedure it will potentially lead to a root canal failure.

Does Root Canal Failure Lead Towards Extraction and Dental Implants?

As per the dentists, dental implants in Redwood City can be the best if someone experiences root canal treatment failure. There are some potential options before considering teeth extractions or dental implants. They are:

  1. Another root canal treatment
  2. Root canal surgery at the root


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