Why is Summer the Best Time for Kids to Get Braces?

Is Summertime Best for Kids to Get Braces?

You should take your child to the pediatric dentistry throughout the summer if he or she needs braces. Colleges and schools are not in session for the duration of summer. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your braces treatment started before school or college starts again. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 essential tips to take care of your dental braces in Redwood City. Read on to discover some pivotal reasons why a parent must consider the summer season to get braces for their children.

4 Reasons to Get Braces in Redwood City During Summer For Your Kids:

  1. Increased Space to Make Appointments:

    The summer months are the best time to begin orthodontic treatment as the schedules of the dentist become more lenient during the summer months for parents. Since children are away from school in the summer season, parents will feel it is simpler to schedule their dental appointments. One can choose from various orthodontic options with our family dentistry in Redwood City, with treatments including teeth braces, Invisalign, damon, self-ligating, and more to go for in the summer. Your child is permitted to miss a class during the academic year for routine appointments. Because of the procedures involved in installing wires & brackets, first appointments may take longer than subsequent ones.

  2. Getting Used to Braces is Much Easier in the Summer:

    As soon as you get new braces, you'll feel awkward, talk strangely, and even suffer discomfort. It's easier to get used to new braces over the summer because you have more time to relax & recuperate. Rest & relaxation are especially important when you are in pain or feeling uncomfortable.

  3. Use Braces to Improve Your Smile:

    Straighter teeth can be achieved in as little as three to six months. If you make sure that your kid wears braces and properly does brushing, flossing, and eating then braces will surely produce an improved smile in your child. Parents and children can take advantage of the vacation time to visit pediatric dentistry in Redwood City for dental procedures.

  4. Allow Enough Time for a Proper Routine to Be Established:

    Wearing braces may need a shift in your daily habits. The days of brushing your teeth swiftly & flossing for a few minutes every day are over. Brushing and flossing will take a lot of time that you are used to.

    During the summer, you'll have more free time to practice good oral hygiene. To get used to brushing your teeth systematically, flossing between brackets & wires, and having many cleanings a day, you'll have plenty of time during summer.


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