What Are the Benefits of Braces for Kids?

What Are the Benefits of Braces for Kids?

In spite of a variety of aligners making their way into the dental market, braces are still in use. The good old braces are still prevalent among kids and are one of the most popular options picked by most parents.

Being a traditional mode of treatment, braces are considered by many parents to be more effective and have a long-lasting impact than any other alternatives. So, what are the specific benefits your child can gain out of braces? In our previous blog, we have explained 4 reasons to get braces in Redwood City during summer for your kids. Read along to know 5 benefits of braces for kids.

5 Benefits of Braces for Kids in Redwood City:

  1. Restrict Bone Erosion:

    Braces are primarily used to correct gapped and misaligned teeth. The teeth have lesser support when there are gaps in between. It often results in erosion in gums and damage to the jawbone of kids. Braces help align the teeth and the jawline in kids where the entire mouth starts functioning in harmony. Gradually the jawbone rebuilds to its usual form. Visit a top dentist in Redwood City to help your kid with braces.

  2. Helps Kids to Chew Comfortably:

    Does your kid struggle with easy chewing and biting? That’s probably the reason you are taking the young one for braces. Misaligned teeth lead to misaligned bites. This results in stiffness of muscles, not allowing them to eat properly. Braces will align their teeth, help them chew better and facilitate better digestion.

  3. Corrects Speech Issues:

    Braces also help in correcting speech problems. Your kids might have trouble pronouncing certain words with incorrect jaw alignment. It is common for kids with misaligned teeth to make a whistling sound while pronouncing certain syllables, words or alphabets. That occurs because of the gap between the upper and the lower teeth. It can often lead to inhibitions in talking and lower self-esteem as the kids grow up. With braces, the gaps will reduce curing speech impairments. Leading family dentistry in Redwood City helps with braces for your kids.

  4. Less of Gum and Teeth Decay:

    With misaligned teeth, it gets difficult for your kids to brush and floss well. There might be areas which are hard for them to reach. This results in plaque buildup, leading to deterioration of oral health. Wearing braces helps to restrict a lot of potential teeth and gum decay issues.

  5. Stop Teeth Chipping:

    When your teeth are well-aligned, your entire set of teeth would be well-enclosed within the mouth. The lips would cover the mouth properly. However, with protruding teeth, the mouth may not be completely closed. Hence, the teeth remain uncovered and unprotected, increasing the chances of damage. With pediatric dentistry in Redwood City, teeth get aligned and move to their original places, making it easier for kids to close their mouths comfortably.


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