Smiling Confidently: Things to Know Before Getting Braces in 2023

Smiling Confidently: Things to Know Before Getting Braces in 2023

The second month of 2023 will be screeching its way into your calendar, and if you've decided that it's time to get braces finally. Congratulations on taking this step toward a healthier smile! In a previous blog post, we discussed five essential tips to take care of your dental braces. However, in this blog post, we will understand various tips before getting braces.

Getting braces isn't as scary as it used to be, but there are still some important things you should know before you get them. Make your experience with braces smoother and easier than ever before with these tips, certainly after consulting an experienced dentist in Redwood City.

5 Tips Before Getting Braces in Redwood City:

Modern orthodontic care has changed dramatically over the years. In Redwood City, braces now offer a variety of color options including seafoam green or navy blue, and there have been advancements in the materials utilized for braces as well. So braces today are generally comfortable and hygienic. If you're thinking about getting braces, here are 5 things to know before strapping them on.

  1. Have Patience:

    As with anything, getting braces is a long-term commitment that requires patience in order for your smile to look its best. It may take from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the type of braces you've chosen, so it's important to understand that you won't see results overnight. Having patience will be key to achieving the smile of your dreams!

  2. Get Ready for Regular Adjustments:

    When getting braces, it's important to remember that regular adjustments will be necessary throughout the process. Depending on the braces you choose, these appointments may range from every 4-8 weeks or so, with each appointment lasting anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour or more. Be sure to plan accordingly in order not to miss any appointments!

  3. Avoid Certain Foods:

    After getting your braces put on, certain types of food should be avoided until they're removed, or else they could damage your teeth and brackets. Hard foods such as nuts and crunchy snacks like popcorn should be avoided while wearing braces since these can damage or break off the brackets and wires.

    Also, avoid sticky foods such as gum and taffy which can become lodged between your teeth and brackets causing cavities or other damage in the long run. Try avoiding chewy foods like caramels which can easily become stuck between teeth and cause bacteria growth leading to decay over time if not regularly cleaned out properly after eating them.

  4. Clean Carefully:

    Brushing and flossing with braces can be tricky, so it's important to take special care when cleaning around them. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day, as well as after each meal, if possible. You may want to invest in an electric toothbrush for better accuracy when brushing around brackets or an interdental brush which can help to clean between braces and teeth.

  5. All Ages Can Have Braces:

    Getting braces isn't just for kids anymore! In fact, many adults are turning to modern orthodontic care to get the smile of their dreams. Whether you're 15 or 50, braces are a great way to improve your smile and bite alignment. Be sure to communicate with your orthodontist about the best type of braces for your situation and age.

Consult With an Orthodontist in Redwood City:

Consulting with an orthodontist, who can determine if braces are the best option for your specific dental needs, is important. They can provide advice on how long you'll need to wear your braces, how often you'll need to come in for adjustments, and what type of braces are best for you. Plus, they'll answer any questions you have about the process.


Braces may seem intimidating at first, but once you know what to expect, it becomes much easier! Take comfort in knowing that there's plenty of support available from your orthodontist throughout this process so that you don't feel overwhelmed or confused during any part of it.

With a little preparation beforehand and dedication afterward, having perfect teeth in no time will be well within reach! Make sure you find an orthodontist who understands your specific needs and goals; the right doctor can customize their treatment plan no matter the teeth alignment issue.

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